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How to beautify and party like you’re Elvis’ granddaughter.

“There have been so many times when I’m sitting next to someone and I have no idea who they are. I’m not very up to date on pop culture, and I’m sure I’ve offended people by being like, ‘Oh, what do you do?’ says actress Riley Keough when we meet at New York’s The Bowery Hotel. As the face of Norell’s perfume, the addictive floral musk that originally launched in 1968, Keough (granddaughter of Elvis Presley) is the ultimate throwback icon: she hates haircuts; loves beer; avoids makeup; and spends days off on the beach. A tattoo on her right wrist reads, ‘Nope.’ Here, Keough shares nine beauty (and life) revelations.

On Her rockstar hair

Tracey Cunningham does my color. I don’t really cut my hair. Stacy Ho who works at Tracey’s salon puts me in a straight jacket and forces me to cut it. People tell you that cutting your hair makes it grow longer, but I have long-ass hair and I never cut it. I let it air dry and I’ll put some kind of moisturizer oil in it because it gets really dry because it’s wild and crazy.

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Bildschirmfoto 2015-12-02 um 23.03.14Congratulations to the whole ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Family!

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Riley was at ‘The UNICEF Snow Flake Ball’ in a Norell New York vintage gown, yesterday. For now we only have Instagram pictures. As soon as we get HQ photos, I’ll upload them. Added some HQ pictures of Riley at the arrivals. Enjoy!

1130588721114662450_1330771680.jpg 1130731459588015395_1330771680.jpg 1130737338374833591_1330771680.jpg nopic.jpg
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Gallery Link: Public Appearances > 2015 > The UNICEF Snow Flake Ball

Some of you may know that Riley raised money to build a school in Bhategada, Nepal. And today is #GivingTuesday trending on Twitter worldwide, in that honor we would like you to donate to buildOn to end the education crisis. To learn more about Riley’s project click here.

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Sundance, Berlin, Venice and Toronto film fest programmers would all agree — there is a refined and fertile cinema chez So Yong Kim. In Between Days, Treeless Mountain and For Ellen yield high-end return on subtle emotional footprints. Joining forces with regular collaborators Jena Malone and Riley Keough, production on her fourth feature film began in December of 2014. So one full year to work on Lovesong conceivablely means that a return to Park City – same lieu where she won the Special Jury Prize at Sundance for In Between Days, and premiered For Ellen. is a strong possibility. Set in Tennessee, this is film that looks to be split into two chapters, this stars Jena Malone and Riley Keough in the leads with a supporting cast consisting of Brooklyn Decker, Ryan Eggold, Rosanna Arquette and Amy Seimetz.

Gist: This tells the story of Sarah (Keough) who, with her young daughter in tow, embarks on an impromptu road trip with her best friend Mindy (Malone). Along the way, the two friends’ deep feelings for each other develop into a surprising romantic connection. The only problem: Mindy is about to get married.

So-Yong-Kim-Lovesong.jpg nopic.jpg nopic.jpg nopic.jpg
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